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Zork Nemesis

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The following cheats will only work AFTER you finish the game once:


*** version 1.0***

By Mark Fox

Author of the 11th Hour Walkthrough

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Zork Nemesis is a long and difficult game which rewards the player well with excellent graphics and stimulating game play. This walkthrough is intended as an aid and should be used sparingly so that you may get the most enjoyment out of the game. It is highly recommended that you read through your game manual at least once!


The following cheats will only work AFTER you finish the game once.



The Monastery

Walk straight ahead where you will see six heads mounted on the walls.

The Conservatory


The Asylum


This document is copyright 1996 by Mark Fox. Reproduction and / or distribution is permitted as long as no changes are made..

This document was a lot of work so I would appreciate hearing from you with any suggestions or corrections. To may contact me personally on the Internet at: Your e-mail is always welcome. I will always respond to your questions or comments.

Thanks for reading.

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