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Zork 1


To download Zork 1, click here.


This is not the only way to solve the game. Many rooms go unexplored. You might want to
play around with the game on your own and map out as much as you can. This way, if you get
lost, you may be able to find your way quicker. Be careful to follow the directions exactly
while in the maze. If you get lost it could take quite a while to get back.

South, East
Open window
Enter house
West (in Living Room)
Take lamp
Move rug
Open trap door
Turn on lamp
Down, South, East (in Gallery)
Take painting
North (in Studio)
Up, Up (in Attic)
Take knife and rope
Down, West (in Living Room)
Open case
Put painting in case
Drop knife
Take sword
Open trap door
North (in Troll Room)
Kill troll with sword (keep doing this until he dies)
Drop sword
East, East, Southeast, East (in Dome Room)
Tie rope to railing
Down (in Torch Room)
South, East
Get coffin
West, South (in Altar)
Turn off lamp
South, North, East (at Canyon View)
Down, Down, North (at End of Rainbow)
Drop coffin
Open coffin
Take sceptre
Wave sceptre
Take gold and coffin
Southwest, Up, Up, Northwest, West
Enter house
Open bag
Take garlic
Put coffin, gold, and sceptre in case
Open trap door
Turn on lamp
Down, North, East, North, Northeast, East (at Flood Control Dam #3)
North (at the Dam Lobby)
Take matches
North (or East, in Maintenance Room)
Take wrench and screwdriver
Push the yellow button
South (or West)
South (at the Dam)
Turn bolt with wrench
Drop wrench
South, Down (in Loud Room)
West (in Round Room)
Southeast, East, Down
Take torch
Turn off lamp
Take bell
Take candles and book
Down, Down (at Entrance to Hades)
Ring bell
Get candles
Light match
Light candles with match
Read book
Drop book
Get skull
North, Up, North (in Mirror Room)
Put out candles
Rub mirror
North, West, North, West (in Squeaky Room)
***Make sure you have the garlic***
North (in Bat Room)
East (in Shaft Room)
Put torch in basket
Turn on lamp
North, Down (to Gas Room)
***Start of Maze***
East, Northeast, Southeast, Southwest, Down (at Top of Ladder)
Down, South (at Dead End)
Take coal
North, Up, Up, North, East, South, North, Up, South (in Shaft Room)
Put coal and screwdriver in basket
Lower basket
North, Down, East, Northeast, Southeast, Southwest, Down, Down, West (in Timber Room)
Drop all
West (in Drafty Room)
Take torch, coal, and screwdriver
South (in Machine Room)
Open lid
Put coal in machine
Close lid
Turn switch with screwdriver
Drop screwdriver
Open lid
Take diamond
Put torch and diamond in basket
East (in Timber Room)
Take skull, lamp, and garlic
***Candles and Matches were insurance in case the thief stole your torch before you
got the diamond***
East, Up, Up, North, East, South, North (in Gas Room)
Take bracelet
Up, South (in Shaft Room)
Raise basket
Take torch and diamond
Turn off lamp
West (in Bat Room)
Take jade
South, East, South (in Slide Room)
Down, Up
Put jade, diamond, torch, bracelet, and skull in case
Turn on lamp
Down, North, East, North, Northeast (at Reservoir South)
Take trunk
Take pump
Take trident
South, South, South, East, East (at Dam Base)
Inflate boat with pump
Drop pump
Get in boat
Wait (until you see the buoy)
Take buoy
East (at Sandy Beach)
Get out of boat
Drop garlic and buoy
Take shovel
Northeast (in Sandy Cave)
Dig sand (until scarab appears)
Take scarab
Drop shovel
Open buoy
Take emerald
South, South (at Aragain Falls)
Cross rainbow
Turn off lamp
Southwest, Up, Up, Northwest, West
Enter house
Put emerald, scarab, trident, and trunk in case
East, East, North, North, Up
Take egg
Down, South, East
Enter house
Turn on lamp
Down, North
***Entering another maze***
West, South, East, Up
Take coins and key
Southwest, East, South, Southeast (in Cyclops Room)
Ulysses (or Odysseus)
Up (in Treasure Room)
Give egg to thief
Down, East, East
Put coins in case
Take knife
West, West
Kill thief with knife (until he dies)
Take all
Down, Northwest, South, West, Up, Down, Northeast (in Grating Room)
Unlock grate
Open grate
Up, South, Up
Wind canary
Take bauble
South, West, South, East
Enter house
Remove canary from egg
Put bauble, chalice, egg, canary, and stiletto in case
Down, North, East, East, East (in Loud Room)
Take bar
West, West, West, South, Up
Put bar in case
***To finish the game, the following treasures must be in your case***
     torch                 bar               stiletto         canary
     jewel-encrusted egg   chalice           brass bauble     bag of coins
     trunk of jewels       crystal trident   jeweled scarab   large emerald
     huge diamond          crystal skull     jade figurine    gold coffin
     pot of gold           sceptre           painting         sapphire-encrusted bracelet

***Follow advice of message you will receive if you have all the treasures***
Take map
East, East, South, West, Southwest
Enter tomb

Congratulations on beating Zork 1! See you in Zork 2!

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