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Theme Park

Screen Shots:

Download the demo to this game here. This is a .ZIP file, so you will need PKUNZIP.EXE, if you don't already have it.

Cheat #1:
To enter the following codes, you must enter your nickname as HORZA.

Ctrl-Z Shops
Shift-Z Features
Alt-Z Rides
C Money

Cheat #2:
Start a new park. Choose SIM. Choose UK. Change game speed to slow. Place Bouncy Castle. Press [P] until the screen starts to scroll fast. Type "P L P I P V P E P C P A P S P H P P P." Change game speed to ultra. Every year you will gain something without investing.

Cheat #3:
Enter nickname as DEMO. This will start you off with a pre-made park. Fix it up and sell it at the auction after a few years. You'll get loads of money to start your own park off with!

Develop your park slowly and don't rush into burning all of your cash because when things start to go wrong in a huge park you just can't cope.

The Alex Trowers Guide to Theme Park

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