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Theme Hospital

Screen Shots:

box Desktop Theme:
Want to decorate Windows 95 with this game? Download the desktop theme here by Jeffrey Johnston.

Download the demo to this game here. This is a .ZIP file, so you will need PKUNZIP.EXE, if you don't already have it.

Hints and Tips:
Click here for hints from PC Gamer Online.

To enter the following codes, you must receive a fax (when you discover a new disease, VIPs, etc.). Hit the corresponding numbers to the code and press the send button.

7827 After you win the level go to a rat shoot level
24328 Enables the following codes during gameplay:
SHIFT-C: Get $2000
CTRL-C: All research completed
CTRL-M: Skip to the end of the month
CTRL-Y: Skip to the end of the year

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