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Sid Meier's Gettysburg!

Screen Shots:

Desktop Theme:
Want to decorate Windows 95 with this game? Download the desktop theme here.

Download the demo to this game here.

Download the Gettysburg Art Patch, Patch #2, or Patch #3 (beta).

Hints and Tips:
Click here for some hints from PC Gamer Online.

Press SHIFT-ENTER and then type one of the following and press ENTER. These codes don't work in MULTIPLAYER!!
Confederates: Union:
Bring in all reinforcements: hill reynolds
Increase experience: beauregard mcclellan
Eliminate all current stress: jackson hancock
Rally all routed troops: lee sheridan
Fortify everyone: longstreet hooker
Reset clock to start time: stuart buford
Advance clock to end time: pickett sedgwick
Toggles computer vs. computer mode: halleck halleck
See all troops: hotchkiss warren
See enemy order of battle: harrison custer

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