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Lemmings 3D

Download the demo to this game here (US), here (US), or here (UK). This is a .ZIP file, so you will need PKUNZIP.EXE, if you don't already have it.


level 1 (build to success) 
level 2 (which exit?): NASTALIK 
level 3 (aliemm`s): PADUASOY 
level 4 (Castle Lemmalot): BRELOQUE
level 5 (a short cut through the woods): OCHIDORE 
level 6 (Alpine Assault Course): CECROPIA
level 7 (Land ahoy): KABELJOU 
level 8 (A head above the rest!): DOUMPALM
level 9 (King Coders Tomb): HABANERA
level 10 (Across the Network): PARERGON
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