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Jedi Knight

Desktop Theme:
Want to decorate Windows 95 with this game? Download the desktop theme here.

Download the demo to this game here. This is a .ZIP file, so you will need PKUNZIP.EXE, if you don't already have it.

Press t then TAB before typing in the following codes.
Demo Version:

5858lvr on               Full map
bactame on               Health
deeznuts on              Next level of the force
imayoda on               Master of Light
jediwannabe on           God mode
red5 on                  All weapons
sithlord on              Master of Dark
slowmo on                Slow motion
thereisnotry on          Next level
wamprat on               All items
whiteflag on             Disables AI
yodajammies on           Full mana

Retail Version Cheats for Jedi Knight:
pinotnoir x Level warp, where x = 1-21 5858lvr Full map deeznuts Next level of the force eriamjh Fly mode imayoda Master of Light jediwannabe 1 God mode pinotnoir 1 Restarts level with current weapons raccoonking Uber Jedi red5 All weapons sithlord Master of Dark slowmo 1 Slow motion thereisnotry Next level wamprat All items whiteflag 1 Disables AI yodajammies Full mana

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