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We currently have 47 games in The Games section.

This is the new Hints and Cheats: The Ultimate Gamer's Page. Here you will find (obviously) hints, cheats, walkthroughs, demos, anything you could possibly ask for to help you out with games. If you would like to contribute to this page (please!!), send mail to We would really appreciate it! Now, onto the page...

The Games
This is the place for hints, cheats, and walkthroughs. There are also links to download demos of the games and reviews to read if you are thinking about buying. Please feel free to contribute. :)

Coming Soon...
Here is where you'll find the newest games coming out. Release dates are told here so you'll know when to grab the hottest games!

Evaluation and Suggestions
Tell us what you like. Tell us what you want. Tell us something we don't have. Whatever.

The Requests
If you request something that we can't find, we'll post it here for other people to send in info on.

The Links
If you don't find the game you want, try these great links! You're sure to find it somewhere!

The Guestbook
Sign the guestbook and leave hints and tips for other players.

The Awards
Here's the awards that this site has won. Thanks everyone! We appreciate it!

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This page was last updated on 28 January 1998.
It was created on 27 December 1997.

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28 January 1998

The Links and Coming Soon... pages were updated, and cheats for Vapor Trail were added.

21 January 1998

Fallout cheats were added. The Awards page was also updated.

15 January 1998

Sid Meier's Gettysburg! was added to The Games page. Hints and Tips for Colonization and Theme Hospital were also added.

6 January 1998

The Awards page was added.


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