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Falcon 3.0


[SHIFT] + T          Time of Day
[SHIFT] + U          Look Down
[CTRL] + [Alt] + 5   Auto Level
P + [TAB]            Recon Camera (Wait for pause before hitting TAB)
While in Camera mode use the following:
[PgUp] / [PgDn]      Increase / Decrease Altitude
+ / -                Increase / Decrease Speed
[F3] / [F4]          Rotate Right / Left
Hold [SHIFT] for up and down rotation
Hold [CTRL] for fine tuning
Hit [~] to start sim back up

Pause the game with P, press [TAB] and then T. You'll be in the TRANSPORTER ROOM. You'll
be asked for NS (North-South) and EW (East-West) coordinates.  If you don't know your
exact destination, type D and move with cursor keys.  To resume playing press P again.

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