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Desktop Theme:
Want to decorate Windows 95 with this game? Download the desktop theme here or here.

Download the demo to this game here. This is a .ZIP file, so you will need PKUNZIP.EXE, if you don't already have it.

Type GABBAGABBAHEY to enable cheats.

Shareware Cheats:
TWILIGHT- Full Shields
SCOURGE- All shareware weapons
RACERX- Invulnerability
GUILE- Invisibility
MITZI- All keys
BUGGIN- Turbo mode toggle
AHIMSA- Robot firing off
Press Alt-f in map mode for full map

New Registered Cheats:
FLASH- This makes a path of energy powerups leading to the exit.
BIGRED- All registered weapons
BRUIN- Extra life
BIOPSYTOYS - destroys reactor
POBOYS - destroys reactor
ASTRAL - ghost mode
POGYS - mega wowiezowie weapons
LUNACY - enemys move faster

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